The continuous bracket exposure 0.3 EV on my Sony alpha 7S

This morning I went for a walk around Lake Ginninderra and while I was walking I started playing with the menu on my Sony α7S. While I was stepping through the shooting menu to change from timer (I’d be using the Sony for some food photography as work) to single shot my finger slipped and I noticed more options in this menu. I came across an option for continuous bracket exposure 0.3 EV. I also noticed I could change that to 3 or 5 shots and change the exposure increment from 0.3 to 0.5 to 0.7 to 1 to 2 EV.

Yerra Beach on Lake Ginninderra is in need of attention

I grew up in Brisbane and spent 12 formative years in Darwin. These are places near beaches. As a teenager and young adult much of my spare time was on the beach and in the surf. It was like my natural habitat. In Darwin going to the beach is potentially dangerous with crocodiles able to chase you on the sand and deadly jellyfish in the water.