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I’m an amateur  (novice) photographer. I mainly shoot food photographs. I also like to blog about my cooking and restaurant eating. You can find my food blog at YummyLummy.com

I spend my days in an office Monday to Thursday working for the Australian Government Department of Health. I’m a specialist medical advisor and my key areas of interest are national security in the context of health emergency management. I’m particularly interested in pathogen security, medical countermeasures, emergency management, public health surveillance and antimicrobial resistance.

On Fridays I’m an honorary visiting medical officer in ACT Pathology at The Canberra Hospital where I practice as a Specialist Microbiologist.

Outside of normal hours I spend my time thinking about food, cooking it, photographing it, eating it and blogging about it. I want to explore photography beyond food and this website is an outlet for that.

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Image courtesy of Bron

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