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Floriade occurs for four weeks every year. I went for a visit last week and was a little disappointed with the number of bulbs. The recent wet and cold weather had affected the flower beds. Today the flower beds looked so much better. There were more bulbs and the colours were beautiful.

If you want to see a full page width slider of the images I’ve set up a page which you can view. Otherwise I’ve posted them all here as a tiled mosaic. If you click on one of the images a gallery will pop open and you can browse through the images.

Please tell me what you think of Floriade and the photographs. If you aren’t from Canberra and want to visit, I recommend late September and early October as a great time to visit. Unless you have allergic rhinitis (hay fever). If you suffer from pollen allergies I’d stay away or make sure you bring your medications. Another Floriade tip is not to park close by. I went across the bridge and parked near Questacon. The car park was basically empty. It’s not a difficult walk across the bridge and you get a great view of the east side of Lake Burly Griffin. The other good thing about Floriade is that there are plenty of portable rest rooms (toilets) on-site so if you have a small bladder or irritable bowel syndrome you’re well catered for. I can’t speak about the food. I just know if I start snacking I won’t stop so I don’t go near the food stalls. They’re the same sort you’ll find at an agricultural show only not as good because there are no animals around and no show events like the wood chop. Now that would be a great idea, combine the Canberra Show and Floriade.




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